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2023 Participant Application

We are happy you've decided to help celebrate our local Hometown Heroes. Please fill out this form if you are interested in having a parade entry and/or a booth at one of our VetFest Festivals - either on Maple Street Plaza, at the American Legion Post, or both.

Maximum name characters allowed - 100l All apostrophes and quotes in your organization's name will be removed.
Please choose from the drop down your level of participation.

Parade Entry Information

Please select "None" if you are just doing a booth

Festival Booth Information

Please select "None" if you are just doing a parade Entry

Waiver of Responsibility

Please read the following waiver and add initials to the box at the bottom of the form. By my signature below, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless American Legion Post 149, their officers, agents, volunteers, and/or employees against and from any and all claims, lawsuits, damages, losses, expenses and costs, to any and all claims, cost liabilities, expenses, or judgments including attorney’s fees and court costs arising out of my and our group’s participation in the Escondido VetFest resulting in illness, injury, or property damage to any person and myself except injury deliberately or willfully caused. I recognize that the event can be dangerous to me and anyone else, and I accept those dangers. I understand that if I or anyone else is injured as a result of my participation, this waiver will be used against me. I agree that any photographs or videos taken during the program hours may be used for future promotional purposes. I also understand that no employee or agent is authorized to modify this waiver. I have read and will comply with all parade rules, routes, code of conduct and, requirements.

2023 Vet Fest Title Sponsors